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Brief introduction
The Department of Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging & Interventional Therapy of Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) is designated as a clinical diagnosis and treatment center integrating ultrasound diagnosis and minimally invasive interventional operations.

It also serves as the president unit of the Interventional Ultrasound Society for Chinese College of Interventionalists; the president unit of the Society of Tumor Ablation Therapy of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association; the chairman unit of Committee of Ultrasound in Diagnosis and Interventional Therapy of Zhejiang Society of Mathematical Medicine; the vice-president unit of Society of Tumor Ablation Therapy of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; the vice-president unit of the Ultrasonic Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association; the attached institution of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Committee of Ultrasound Branch of China Association of Medical Equipment.


Our mission
To contribute to the early diagnosis, prevention and elimination of cancer through outstanding ultrasound diagnosis, minimally invasive operations, scientific research and medical education.


Our vision: 
To be the preeminent ultrasound diagnostic and interventional cancer center by enhancing early ultrasonic diagnosis and ultrasound-guided operations, providing innovative and comprehensive treatment for cancer patients, cultivating new generation of sonographers.


Medical care team
The department has a large and dedicated group of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality examination, ultrasonic diagnosis and therapies for benign and malignant oncologic diseases. There are 43 faculties including 37 M.D. (2 professors and 9 associate professors), 6 nurses and 10 secretaries in our department. 


Clinical services:
The department comprises two subsections. Ultrasonic diagnosis section has 2 contrast-enhanced ultrasound rooms and more than 20 examination rooms for color ultrasonography, cardiac ultrasonography and endoluminal ultrasonography. Interventional ultrasound section has 2 standardized operating rooms and a 17-bed ward. The department also features ultrasound diagnosis and minimally invasive interventional clinics. 

Thousands of inpatients receive minimally invasive interventions and nearly 20,000 ultrasound-guided operations are completed per year. Various technologies are supplied including biopsy, drainage, thermal ablation of multiple organs of the body (such as liver, kidney, uterus, thyroid, breast, etc.), particle implantation, ablation combined with transhepatic arterial chemotherapy and embolisation (TACE), ablation combined with high dose rate brachytherapy (HDRBT), ultrasound-guided Mammotome minimally invasive biopsy, nano-knife, etc. It provides a strong guarantee for early diagnosis and treatment of early cancer, comprehensive treatment of middle and advanced stages of cancer patients, and has become one of the specialties in our hospital.




Academic research and cooperation:
In recent years, the department has carried out a number of major projects funded by the National Health Commission, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Provincial Department of Health. Experts in the department have published dozens of SCI papers, participated in many domestic and international academic conferences and given oral speech of special topics at the conference.

The department has also established in-depth cooperation, exchanges, mutual visits and joint graduate training with MD Anderson Cancer Center of the United States, Affiliated Hospital of Emory University and Zhejiang University.


Clinical trials and scientific programs: 
Three national clinical trials of thyroid tumor (MS2018074, KY2018001 and ChiCTR-ONRC-16008479) and an international phase III clinical trial of hepatocellular carcinoma (KEYNOTE-937) are ongoing to seek better medical care for targeted patients.  

We are also carrying out a scientific program to establish an ultrasound image database for the study, research and education of patients with various types of cancer.

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Last update: March 2020