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Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, established in the 1970s, is mainly featured by TCM prevention and treatment of common tumors in head and neck, lung, breast, digestive tract, gynecological and other parts of the body. Adhering to the concept of righteousness, innovation and people-orientation, the department highlights the experience and technical advantages of prominent TCM experts in combination with modern oncology diagnosis and treatment and the latest science and technology. By applying TCM theory, syndrome differentiation and TCM treatment of both attack and supplementation according to different stages, our missions are to prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis after operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, enhance the clinical efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and reduce their toxicity and side effects, which ultimately achieve visions of improving the quality of life of patients and prolonging their survival time.


Currently, Professor Liu Luming, from the department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine of Fudan University Cancer Center, is a well-known national oncologist and invited as an academic consultant. The department of traditional Chinese medicine consists of a distinguished team of TCM doctors who possess rich clinical experience, with 5 chief TCM doctors and 3 deputy chief TCM doctors of whom include 1 sixth batch of inheritance instructor of academic experience of national TCM experts, 1 Zhejiang provincial famous TCM master, 2 doctoral tutors and 3 postgraduate tutors. In recent years, several young TCM doctors, acupuncturists and tuina doctors have been recruited to form a reasonable academic echelon.


The team of the department of traditional Chinese medicine has long been engaged in clinical and basic scientific research. With excellent clinical effect and collective recognition by doctors and patients, various hospital preparations and prescriptions have been developed, such as Qingfei Mixture, Shaoyao Ruangan Mixture, Ruanzheng Sanjie Mixture, Zhiou Paste and so on. Among them, "Research and Application of Qingfei Mixture in the Clinical Comprehensive Treatment of Lung Cancer" won the first prize of the Provincial TCM Science and Technology Award, achieving good social and economic benefits. In recent 5 years, with the help of the Key Cancer Laboratory of Combination of TCM and Western Medicine in Zhejiang Province, members of the department have presided over or participated in several basic researches on TCM oncology, including 4 national level researches, 4 provincial level researches and over 10 bureau level researches. More than 40 articles have been published in total, including 5 SCI. And over 10 postgraduates have been cultivated.


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Last update: July 2021