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Zhejiang Cancer Hospital began to perform thoracic surgery in 1973. The department of Thoracic and Abdominal Surgery was formally established in 1988, and the Department of Thoracic Surgery gained independence in 2008.The Department has particular expertise in the management of complex surgical conditions, including esophageal cancer, cardic cancer, lung cancer, tracheal tumors, mediastinum tumors and chest wall tumors. Currently, six medical groups are responsible for two and a half wards with a total number of 150 beds.There are 30 doctors including 6 chief physicians and 8 associate chief physicians. Every year, over 3000 surgeries are performed here, including over 2000 lung cancer surgeries and over 400 esophageal cancer surgeries. The department has been developed into a key department of Zhejiang cancer hospital, and it is also a well-known surgical treatment center for treating thoracic tumors in China.Since 2007, we began hosting Zhejiang Province Thoracic Tumor Forum, attracting more than 400 attendees from East China each year. Hangzhou International Symposium of Oncology(HISO),which was held by our department and MD Anderson Cancer Center, has gained a good reputation since 2012.Chinese Ministry of Health approved Zhejiang Cancer Hospital to establish the national regional tumor center in 2019. Our vision is to lead in the province, rank first in the country, and be favoredby patients.


Clinical features

The Department of Thoracic Surgery of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital performed the first case of Ivor-Lewis surgery in Zhejiang Province in 1991, first Mckeown surgery in 1993,and the first video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for lung cancer in 2004. Since 2010, VATS for esophageal cancer and lung cancer has been widely carried out. The department has performed numerous cases of uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery(UVATS)since 2014. Additionally, we started robotic thoracic surgery in 2020. In Zhejiang province, we spearheaded the radiotherapy in esophageal cancer surgery, protuberculation, pleural pneumonectomy, bronchioplasty and pulmonary arterioplasty. Ninety percent of lung cancer surgery and seventy percent of esophageal cancer surgery were VATS. The amount of esophageal cancer and lung cancer surgery ranks first and third in Zhejiang Province, respectively. Every year, more than ten VATS  surgeries, which performed for esophageal cancer and lung cancer, are broadcast live. In recent years, our department has accumulated a lot of experience in VATS segmentectomy, and it is one of the major VATS segmentectomy training centers which was set up by Johnson & Johnson in China.Our video demonstrations of “endoscopic lung segmental sleeve resection” and “thoracoscopic radical resection of esophageal cancer” won the first prize in many competitions at home and abroad. The team members also won the first prize in the Youth Medical Skill Competition.


Research and Teaching Achievements

In the past several years, the department has registered a number of clinical trials on new adjuvant treatment of esophageal cancer and lung cancer in clinical trial. Since 2004, 24 projects, including 13 were at the municipal level, 6 were at the provincial level and 5 were at the national level, have been conducted. Since 2010, 4 monographs and more than 160 papers have been published of which more than 80 have been included in the SCI. The team members also pay attention to academic exchange that we presented several research results at the ASCO, WCLC and other international conferences. The department owns 3 patents authorized in domestic, the research and clinical application of molecular characteristics and key technologies of comprehensive treatment of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma won the first prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress award. The team members have been awarded a number of talent award schemes including “Zhejiang Special Experts” and “Zhejiang 151 talent project”.


Last Updated: Mar. 2020