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Rare Cancer & Head and Neck Medical Oncology


The department of rare cancer & head and neck medical oncology is a department specializing in head and neck cancer, bone and soft tissue tumors, melanoma, urinary tumors and other rare cancer, with multiple therapeutic approaches (immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, palliative treatment, etc.). In addition, the department also has maintained its leading position in this highly specialized field of cancer pain in Zhejiang province. At present, there are 8 doctors (including 3 chief physicians, 5 attending doctors) and 17 nurses in the department working together to provide the best medical and nursing care for the patients, with 30 verified beds. Currently, it is the only medical department which focused on rare cancer & head and neck cancer in Zhejiang province.


Advantages and characteristics of this department

1. As an important clinical research center in China, our department has carried out a large number of international/domestic clinical trials of head & neck cancer, bone and soft tissue tumors and malignant melanoma, including phase I, II, III trail. The international and domestic clinical trials offer more choices for patients and also made contributions in the development of medical oncology in China.

2. Since the establishment of this department, several doctors have been granted national, provincial research projects and published several academic papers at the SCI-indexed journals. Our doctors also actively participated in further education, international academic conference and academic exchanges with international institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center.

3. In 2012, our department became the first national demonstration ward for standardized cancer pain treatment. We have hosted the annual continuing medical education project on management of cancer pain for several years and promoted the standardized treatment of cancer pain.

4. In 2015, our department became the first education demonstration base of bone health by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, which aimed at solving the bone-related problems, such as osteoporosis in breast cancer patients during endocrine therapy and cancer pain caused by bone metastasis.

5. In this department, the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment (MDT) model was applied several types of cancer, in order to improve the clinical benefit and quality of life of patients. In addition, we have established several “WeChat patient educational communication” group, to provide communication platforms for physicians and patients.




Mei-yu Fang, M.D., Professor of medicine;

Director of Rare cancer & Head and neck medical oncology 

Li-yan Gong, M.D., Professor of medicine;

Yan Sun, M.D., Professor of medicine;

Last update: Mar 2020