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Mission & Vision

The mission of Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) Department of Radiology is to contribute to the prevention and elimination of cancer through outstanding patient-centered imaging diagnosis, proper clinical trial assessment, tight MDT collaboration and innovative transformative research.

Our vision is to be one of the best cancer imaging centers, recognized for our outcomes-driven patient care and renowned reputation.

Our Capabilities

The CHUCAS's Department of Radiology now has more than a dozen technologies available for radiologists to visualize tumors from head to toe. From standard radiology to advanced techniques that can illustrate the tiniest blood vessels, our radiologists take cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment assessment and planning to a brand new level. Our department now owns some of the world class imaging and post-processing devices, including dual-gradient strength 1.5T and high-field 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, 64 and 16 multi-detectors helical CT scanners, digital gastrointestinal machines, digital breast mammography.

Our dedicated staffs are devoted to partnering with you for the diagnosis and care of your patient, as well as providing you with quick and easy access to imaging services.

Team Construction

As a major functioning department, Department of Radiology was founded in the year 1963, as soon as Zhejiang Cancer Hospital’s initial establishment.   



After 50 years of development, our team gained many achievements in clinical work and scientific research, particularly in the recent ten years, led by pacemaker Prof. Guoliang Shao (vice president of CHUCAS). Currently, the stuff team is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals committed to providing high-quality patient care, research and educational programs for our patients, the province, and the nation at large, utilizing and promoting innovation in diagnostic imaging and therapies for benign and malignant oncologic diseases. Our extensive, highly trained team consists of 38 licensed radiologists, 5 diagnostic radiology residents, 29 radiologic technicians and 14 specialized nurses, including 34 Masters and 2 Doctors. The diagnostic radiologists fall into 7 clinical and research subgroups, including central nervous system group, head and neck group, chest group, mammary gland group, abdomen group, pelvic group, bone and soft tissue group. Some of our doctors serve as the chairman or the active members in the national/provincial academic communities. In collaboration with physical examination center and other clinical departments, in the last few decades, we have took tremendous efforts to diagnose cancers, especially lung cancer and breast cancer, at early an stage.



In recent five years, our team has published more than a hundred papers, including more than ten SCI papers. Our research team has presided over twenty-six research funds beyond provincial-level, winning more than half a dozen sounding scientific awards.



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Last Updated: March 2020