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The Department of Nutrition at the Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS,Zhejiang Cancer Hospital)is the headquarter of both Chinese and Western Integrative Nutrition Expert Committee of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation and Chinese and Western Medicine Group of the Cancer Nutrition Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association.  The mission of the department is to provide supporting nutritional treatment of various malnutrition, cachexia, sarcopenia, tumors with diabetes, chronic liver disease, metabolic syndrome and other diseases. Especially, the department features nutritional support for cancer patients, tumor metabolism regulation therapy, and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine nutrition therapy. Also, the department is dedicated to improving human health through better nutrition and lifestyle. The Department strives to accomplish this goal through clinical practice including nutritional diagnosis and treatment, nutrition counselling and education for the public, as well as research aimed at an increased understanding of how diet influences health at molecular and population levels.


Research program in this department is designated as Innovation Health Discipline in Zhejiang Province. The current faculty staff include 1 chief physician and doctoral supervisor, 2 attending physicians, 1 supervisor technician, and 1 technician, among whom are 1 doctor and 1 master. The clinical nutrition work system in the department integrates clinical nutrition teaching, clinical nutrition treatment, nutrition research, clinical enteral nutrition preparation, nutrition consultation and guidance, which covers clinical practice, teaching, and research.


In recent years, under the leadership of Professor Yao Qinghua, the department has finished a series of basic and clinical researches on the correlation between intestinal microecology and malnutrition in patients with gastrointestinal cancer. The research team is undertaking 2 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 key project of the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, 3 projects of the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and 2 key projects of the Chinese Medicine Administration. Publications include more than 10 SCI papers, 3 academic monographs, and more than 30 other research papers in the field. Honor awards include the third prize for scientific and technological progress and the second prize for scientific and technological innovation in Zhejiang Province.


Professional Features

I. Specialities

● Tumor nutrition therapy;

● Tumor metabolism regulation therapy;

●Nutritional therapy for digestive disorders caused by intestinal flora imbalance;

● Evaluation of nutritional status.

II. Advantages

The department has adopted a scientific, personalized, systematic, and comprehensive nutritional treatment to reach sensible and specific purposes.


●Complete enteral nutrition configuration and full-element dosages

To meet the nutritional demand of tumor patients who fail to eat orally or take sufficient nutritions by eating orally, the clinical nutrition department provides more than 10 kinds of nutrition-balanced doses, specially designed for diabetic, liver disease, high protein, lipid metabolism disorder, short peptide and other possible complaints to make a relatively complete package of enteral nutrition preparations.


● Personalized sequential treatment and shortened courses of disease

In the process of clinical nutrition treatment, we adhere to the people-oriented and patient-centered principles and take personalized treatment. Close observations are made not only on different developmental stages of different tumors, but also specific situations of patients, to optimize treating effects.

● Perfecting Tumor metabolic nutrition clinics

To improve the effect of nutritional treatment and increase the operability of theoretical researches, the tumor metabolic nutrition clinic provides nutrition consultation and guidance for tumor patients with eating disorders, malabsorption, and various nutritional metabolic abnormalities. Stresses are made equally on prescription and monitoring, making a virtuous loop of feedbacks between practitioners and patients.

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