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Established in 1997, the Department of Neurosurgery is one of the earliest neurosurgical department founded in cancer centers in China. There are presently 25 inpatients beds in the ward. The neurosurgery team is comprised of 1 chief, 1 deputy chief, 1 attending and 4 resident physicians. Two neurosurgeons also have the PhD degree, three has the Master degree, and two are pursuing the PhD degree.

After 20 years of development, the department now has been equipped with the most advanced instruments in the Zhejiang Province, such as the Leica’s neurosurgical microscope, the neuronavigation system, the neuro-endoscope, CAS-R-2 neurosurgical robot, the stereotactic brain biopsy device and the advanced magnetic resonance (MRI) 3.0T.

With the benefit of excellent talents and advanced instruments, the department has formed a specialty in the comprehensive treatment of glioma, metastatic brain tumor and skull base neoplasms. The Department has participated in stipulating the national operation standard for anterior skull base surgery through craniofacial approach. The Department routinely performs skill-challenged surgeries for glioma, intracranial metastatic tumor, meningioma, pituitary adenoma, acoustic neuroma and intraspinal tumors. The Department can satisfy the special requirements for the stereotactic biopsy of intracranial tumors at the unusual localizations. The stereotactic biopsy could been skillfully operated in our department for intracranial tumors at the unusual localizations. Taking the advantages of chemoradiotherapies and the advancement of genetic testing, the Department not only perform precise and accurate surgeries, but also provide individualized chemoradiotherapy for patients with all kinds of CNS tumors. A dedicated team of specialists, focusing on chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pathology, and the neuroimaging, are regularly invited for multidisciplinary-team (MDT) discussion of complicated cases to provide the standardized individualized treatment. The application of MDT to the   individualized treatment allow to reduce the postoperative mortality and risk of complications, and significantly improves prognosis as well.

"The clinical practice is the foundation and the scientific research is the pillar" is the principle of the Department. In recent years, the Department has been greatly encouraged and supported to  carried out a series of research focusing on the basic and clinical aspects of glioma and brain metastases. Accordingly, during the past 5 years, the Department has made great achievements in the scientific research. a total of 20 papers have been published, including 6 original articles in internationally known SCI journals, such as Neurology, J Exp Clin Cancer Res, J Mol Neurosci, BMC Cancer, Int J BiolSci, and Clin Transl Oncol. The impact factor will add up to more than 50. A dozen research projects including those funded by the National Natural Science Foundation are being conducted in the Department.

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Last update: Mar 2020


Academic leader

Sun CX

Chief physician, medical doctor, academic leader of neuro tumor surgery.

Member of Neuro Tumor Specialized Committee of Chinese Anticancer Association; Member of Senior’s Glioma Section of Glioma Specialized Committee of Chinese Anticancer Association; Standing Committee Member of Neurosurgery Specialized Committee of Zhejiang Medical Association; Standing Committee Member of Neurosurgery Specialized Committee of Zhejiang Anticancer Association; Standing Committee Member of Neurosurgery Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association; Vice Director Member of Zhejiang Neurosurgery Branch of China Anticancer Alliance.

Mainly engaging in microsurgical treatment of CNS tumors, Prof. Sun is good at various difficult intracranial and intraspinal surgeries, including brain glioma, metastatic encephaloma, basicranial tumor, intracranial and extracranial tumors, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, intraspinal and extraspinal tumors, and stereotactic biopsy surgeries for intracranial tumors with special requirements at special positions. He has accumulated rich experiences on the diagnosis and treatment of malignant encephaloma (glioma and metastatic encephaloma), basicranial tumor, and intracranial and extracranial tumors.

Mainly targeting basic and clinical research on neuroglioma, metastatic encephaloma and basicranial tumor,Prof. Sun has published 15 SCI papers as the first author or the correspondent author. Besides, he has also initiated and participated in a number of scientific researches, including projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).