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The Integrated Traditional & Western Medicine department has missions of research, patient care, education and prevention for tumor patients in addition to training the next generation of physicians, clinicians and clinical scientists for cancer research. The Integrated Traditional & Western Medicine department  has been focusing on the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer with an integration of Chinese medicine and western medication.


Characteristics of the department: The department is composed of 6 staff, including 1 chief doctor, 2 associate chief doctors, 2 attending doctors and 1 resident doctor, among which 1 is PhD and Master candidate supervisor. The department insists on the idea of integrated Chinese and Western medicine as well as its coordinated development, so as to offer the featured treatment and whole processing management for the patients. The department is skillful in combination of radiochemotherapy with Chinese medicine and nutritional support treatment to reduce the toxicity of radio chemotherapy, enhance the therapeutic effect, improve patients’ life quality, and prolong patients’ survival time. The department has accumulated a wealth of clinical experiment of nutritional support treatment and Chinese dietotherapy, especially for the patients with malnutrition. It is the first integrated Traditional and Western medicine department involving Chinese medicine, precise nutritional support treatment, rehabilitation of cancer pain and palliative treatment in East China Region. The department is also the leader unit of National demonstration ward of cancer nutrition.


Clinical education status: The department owns master and doctor degrees point of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine authorized by Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. 22 graduate students have graduated from the department.


Academic status: This department is the chairperson unit of Integrated Chinese and Western Medical Nutrition Committee of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation, the chairperson unit of Zhejiang Provincial Integrated Chinese and Western Medical Oncology Committee. The department is actively engaged in research in integrative oncology, which has carried out 20 scientific projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Natural Science Foundation and Zhejiang Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. These projects have achieved 8 prizes including the Third Prize in Zhejiang Provincial Award for Science and Technology Advancement, the Second Prize in Science and Technology Advancement awarded by Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, the First Prize in Science and Technology Advancement awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and the Second Prize in Science and Technology Advancement awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. Over 70 papers including 30 SCI indexed papers and 4 books have been published.


Therapeutic Features: The department provides full refinement management and comprehensive treatment of combined Traditional and Western medicine for the gastrointestinal cancer patients who have intestinal obstruction, through establishment of nutritional pathway, implementation in precise nutritional support treatment and combination of Traditional Medicine and palliative treatment. The department is now well known internationally for researches related to invasion and metastasis, cancer nutrition, therapy response and prognosis predictive markers and traditional Chinese herbs in gastrointestinal cancer.

Last Updated: Mar. 2020