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Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery Department was formally established in 2000. It consists 2 wards of which comprises 142 beds. There are 58 medical staffs. Among them, there are 26 doctors, including 6 chief physicians and 3 deputy chief physicians. One doctor is listed in the government key training talents. Breast surgery department is the master's degree training center of Wenzhou Medical University and Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University. Honorably, the first Sino-Austria cooperation in lymphatic edema standardized training base nationwide and Sino-German breast reconstruction center were founded in the  department, bringing many benefits for patients and doctors.


The number of breast cancer operations of breast surgery department has been ranking No.1 in Zhejiang province for several yeasrs and the exceeded 1600 in 2019. Breast conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy in early breast cancer, various methods of breast reconstruction and neoadjuvant treatment are extensively carried out.


In the field of surgical skills, once doctor won the first prize in National Finals of Breast Cancer Surgery Video Competition held by Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) won first prize in many competitions nationwide and become the model of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association Project. With the help of multidisciplinary treatments based on surgery, 10-year survival rate of I& II stage breast cancer can reach to more than 90%.


Breast surgery department lead a large number of international and domestic innovations over the past years: holding annual meeting of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in Hangzhou and achieving a series of consensus between specialists; first putting forward the concept of "early precise location of breast cancer and appropriate treatment" in 2002; first proposing the method of modified axillary lymph node grouping in 2003,and the new operation of" sentinel node navigated axillary lymph node groupdissection " has been recorded as standard treatment in Zhejiang Province; first carrying out the breast conserving surgery plus small prosthesis breast reconstruction in 2011 worldwide, which has been written into Zhejiang Province Norms for breast cancer diagnoses and treatment; first proposing accurate definition of neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer and "seven strategies" theory of neoadjuvant treatment according to intrinsic typing of breast cancer in 2013which has become the standards of Zhejiang Province;first carrying out chemotherapy concurrent endocrine neoadjuvant treatment on clinical trials nationwide; first proposing the concept of "clinical margin" in breast conserving surgery in 2014; carrying out the standardization of lymphoid edema treatment in nationwide earlier; carrying out the combination of TiLOOP and the small prostheses in the application of breast conserving surgery in 2017 and resolving the problem of prosthesis shift and capsule contracture.


In the field of scientific research, breast surgery department held 32 national and provincial subjects, and published almost 50 SCI papers by first author and corresponding author, and edited several professional guidelines and popular scientific books. Besides the award of provincial health science and technology innovation, there are also about 10 patents obtained; a number of national and international clinical trials have been completed or are in progress.  Annual China Breast Cancer Treatment Concept Meeting has been held 11 sessions and Zhejiang Breast Reconstruction Meeting has been held 12 times; "Lymphoid edema standardized treatment" national training course was held in 2016. Over the years many colleagues have been abroad to visit famous foreign medical centers for academic exchange.


The academic identities of breast cancer department members are as follows:

Standing member of Breast Disease Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association;

Member of Endo-luminal Vascular Lymphatic Diseases Committeeof Chinese Medical Doctor Association;

Deputy Chairman of the Breast Disease Committee of China Medicinel Education Association and the Chairman of the Zhejiang Branch;

Members of Breast Cancer Committee and Cancer Metastasis Committee of Chinese Anti-cancer Association;

Member of medical materials professional group of Oncoplastic Surgery Committee of China Science and Technology Industry Association;

The Leader of lymphatic edema group of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Association;

Editorial board member of various domestic and foreign core journals;

Member of the National Finals judges and the Chairman of Southern Competition District of Breast Cancer Surgery Video Competition held by Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Last Updated: Mar. 2020