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Breast Medical Oncology

The department of Breast Medical Oncology focused on patient care, education, clinical trials, and academic research in breast cancer as well as training the next generation of physicians and clinical scientists for cancer research.

Along with clinical trials and research initiatives, we strive to understand the biology and development of breast cancer through basic and translational science, bringing new knowledge and useful information in disease control into our patient care.

Our Target
To be a professional breast medical oncology center by improving patient care and enhancing research on basic, translational/clinical research by developing innovative therapies based on hypothesis-driven researchand communication with patients and their health providers.

Our Mission
To reduce the suffering of breast cancer patients and provide knowledge and information through research and clinical trials, medical care, education, and better communication.


Scope of Diagnosis and Treatment

Our breast medical oncology department has considerable experience in chemotherapy, targeted therapy, endocrine therapy, and other comprehensive treatments. We are the leading clinical center in breast cancer diagnosis and treatmentwith good reputation in Zhejiang province since 2012.Our departmentisa member of the Specialist Group on Reasonable Medication in Breast Cancer, Training Base of Breast Cancer Regional Standardization of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and known as the earliest genetic counseling clinic for breast cancer in Zhejiang province. We provide the most cutting-edge treatments to serve approximately 12,000 person-times of breast cancer patients annually.


Experts team

The Academic Leader and chairman of our department Prof. Xiao-Jia Wang has participated in the development of many domestic guidelines and consensus on breast cancer, such as the ‘CSCO Breast Cancer Guidelines’, ‘China Consensus Guidelines for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC)’, ‘Consensus on HER-2 Positive Breast Cancer’, ‘Consensus on Breast Cancer Bone Metastases’, ‘Consensus on Breast Cancer Blood Lipid Management’, and ‘Consensus on Breast Cancer Bone Protection’.

We have more than 40 medical staff, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 3master's supervisor, 4 chief physicians, and 4 associate chief physicians. Our center has carried out more than 40 research projects, including 3 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 4 Key R & D Projects of Zhejiang Province, et al. We have published over 300 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious domestic and international journals. We have published or broad participation in more than 10 professional books, including three as editors, and one as deputy editor. We have also won the second and third prizes of the Medical and Health Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province.


On-Going Programs


Non-vomiting Ward program

Building the Non-vomiting Ward is a multi-department effort mission designed to decrease the incidence of adverse reaction of vomiting during chemotherapy, improve the quality of life of our patients with breast cancer, and find a cure for vomiting concern in clinical practice.We have received the pioneer award in launching the Non-vomiting Ward program in our hospital.


Academic and Continuing Medical Education

We have hosted the annual national continuing medical education project ‘New Progresses of Breast Cancer Medical Treatment’for the last 12 years and established the series of Hangzhou Xianghu International Breast Cancer Summit (HXIBCS), Hangzhou Xianghu Breast Cancer Youth Forum, Zhejiang Collaboration Group of Advanced Breast Cancer, and Zhejiang Tumor Cardiology Cooperative Group. We are also involved in the organization of the Zhejiang ‘Qing Ru You Yue’ and ‘Liang Quan Qi Mei’ salons for breast cancer expert communications. The short-term clinical training courses of breast cancer treatment are carried out for training the next generation of physicians.

In addition, we founded the Zhejiang ‘Kang Li Salon’ club for breast cancer patients, several patient educational communication groups on QQ and Wechat, and the FM95 ‘Pink Saturday’ popular science channel, and other communication platforms for physicians and patients. We launched the monthly Inter-hospital Multidisciplinary discussion (MDT) and network MDT connection with eight local hospitals in Zhejiang province since 2014.

Program goals

The program will pursue its mission by working to develop a breast cancer medical oncology center within the Chinese Academy of Sciences University Cancer Hospital (Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) that aims to provide standard care for breast cancer patients and professional education for physicians. The program will alsosearch for the best diagnosis and treatment algorithms for individual breast cancer patients in the clinic by seeking to fund research and clinical trials.

The programs will also serve as incubators for the study, research, and education of breast cancer patients, especially in the metastatic setting. This information may include, but is not limited to:

• a comprehensive clinical trial database.

• a comprehensive breast cancer tissue bank of both ‘tumor’ and ‘blood’ biopsies to provide valuable information for research and clinical trials.

• a website or platform for education and communication.


Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

As a preferred sub-center for new drug registration applications in breast cancer clinical research fieldin China, we have participated in more than 50 national and international multi-center clinical research initiatives on new drugs. The research comprises all the anti-breast cancer drugs that have been approved or will be approved, by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration in recent years, including Pertuzumab, T-DM1, CDK4/6 inhibitors, Pyrotinib, and others. We are at the forefront of clinical research in China in terms of the number and quality of research performed. We have initiated more than 10 investigator-led clinical research projects, and also engaged in more than 60 multi-center Phase 2/3 clinical trials domestically and abroad as participant since 2004.

Breast Medical Oncology Program steering committee




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Pioneer award in launching the Non-Vomiting Ward program in 2019