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A Delegation Led by VP Ming Chen Shone at GAP


The annual Global Academic Programs Conference was grandly held in MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on May 9-11, 2017 which aims to provide a forum for faculty from MD Anderson and its Sister Institutions to develop collaborations and exchange research results and ideas. Sessions are formed around topics of interest to the members of the Sister Institution Network. 




56 abstracts were submitted by faculties at ZJCH and 22 were admitted as oral presentations, making ZJCH the No. 1 in oral presentations admission among all the sister hospitals in China. Led by Vice President Ming Chen who also chaired the radiotherapy session together with another two radiotherapy experts, a delegation of 14 faculties from ZJCH were sent to participate in this year’s GAP conference, consisting of Dr. Yi’an Du, Chief of Abdomen Surgery, Dr. Chun Han with Dept. of Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Weiliang Feng with Dept. of Breast Surgery, Dr. Meiyu Fang, Dr. Junqing Chen, Dr. Xiaoling Xu and Dr. Cong Li with Dept. of Medical Oncology, Dr. Xiaoxian Xu with Dept. of Gynecological Radiotherapy, Dr. Xin Li with Dept. of Nuclear Medicine and Ms. Shuping Xie, Head Nurse. The 11 oral presentations delivered attracted lots of attention and special thanks went to Dr. Yujin Xu and Dr. Dong Xu who were under training at MDACC and gave huge support on this delegation. 




During the conference, VP Chen, after visited the international medical center at MDACC, went into a fruitful meeting with Dr. Oliver Bogler, Vice President of MDACC where the two leaders exchanged opinions on international referral, distant consultation and future cooperation between the two hospitals. 




                                                      (By Ning Yang, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange)