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Prof. Hemimminki from DKFZ Pays a Visit


Prof. Kari Hemminki, Director of Molecular Genetic Epidemiology Department, Prof. Asta Foersti from German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) together with Prof. Tianhui Chen from Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences paid a visit to Zhejiang Cancer Hospital on Oct. 30, 2017.




Prof. Kari Hemminki went into a meeting with Dr. Mao, president of ZJCH, Dr. Lingbin Du, Director of Zhejiang Cancer Center and Ms. Xiaoling Liu, Director of International Cooperation & Exchange Office. During this meeting, President Mao briefed Prof. Kari Hemminki with the current status of cancer prevention and early screening program conducted by ZJCH and the achievements accomplished already. Prof. Hemminki and Prof. Foersti spoke highly of what ZJCH has done in cancer treatment and prevention career. The two parties also exchanged their views of future cooperation in building a joint research center, which will surely be productive.


Prof. Kari Hemminki then delivered an academic lecture on Translational Genomics of Cancer, which was ended by a heated discussion.




Prof. Kari Hemminki, Prof. Asta Foersti and Prof. Tianhui Chen were then shown around ZJCH with the accompany of Director Xiaoling Liu and Ms. Ning Yang.



                           (By Ning Yang, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange)