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A Great Success - The 8thNationwide Thyroid Cancer Academic Conference held at Hangzhou, China, 2018




The eighth edition of the Nationwide Thyroid Cancer Academic Conference (NTCAC) was held at Hangzhou, China, on June 22 to 24, 2018.


The conference was sponsored by the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association of Professional Committee of the Thyroid Cancer. It was co-organized by Chinese Anti-Cancer Association of Professional Committee of the Head and Neck Cancer and the Chinese Medical Association with the Head and Neck Branch Group. The undertake units included Anti-Cancer Association of Zhejiang, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Shaw Hospital Affiliated of Zhejiang University, Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Key Laboratory of Head & Neck Cancer Translational Research of Zhejiang Province.


In recent years, the incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing rapidly.


The NTCAC strengthened professional academic exchanges in the field of thyroid tumors in our country and promoted the standardization of the thyroid tumor diagnosis and treatment. Also, the conference improved the multidisciplinary cooperation and carried out large-scale thyroid tumor of basic research and clinical trials.


The NTCAV was the domestic largest conference and the most professional academic conference of thyroid cancer. It provided a platform of mutual exchange and cooperation for those related personnel in the field of the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer. It made a great contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid neoplasms. 



Prof. Minghua Ge hosted the conference



Prof. Kejing Wang preside over the conference




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Experts traveled from the United States, Italy, Korea, Japan, and China



Prof. Minghua Ge —— Challenge and Innovation, “Zhejiang Thyroid Tumor” development of 55 years



In conclusion, there were more than 900 persons taking part in this conference. A total of 48 youth participated in the youth forum and 33 persons communicated as poster.


The conference was broadcast live online in the China Thyroid Cancer Net. At the end of the conference the live video broadcast received nearly 200 thousand views.


The 8th Nationwide Thyroid Cancer Academic Conference was a great success. The content was rich with various forms. The participants not only get sufficient academic exchanges, but also harvest full of friendship.


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(By the Dept. of Head & Neck Surgery)