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Dr. Guojun Li from MDACC was Awarded the Visiting Professor

Dr. Guojun Li from MDACC was Awarded the Visiting Professor


On July 27, 2017, the ceremony of visiting professor appointment to Dr. Guojun Li held in Room 515, was chaired by Dr. Ming Chen, Vice President and attended by Dr. Minghua Ge, Vice President, Dr. Ping Huang, Chief of Pharmacy Department, Dr. Linfa Li, Chief of Nuclear Medicine Department, Ms. Yujing Li, Deputy Director of Personnel Department and Ms. Xiaoling Liu, Director of International Cooperation & Exchange Office and other faculties.

Dr. Ming Chen, on behalf of President Weimin Mao, firstly extended a warm welcome to Dr. Guojun Li and briefed him with the history and the current status of research and international cooperation and thanked him for his continuous support on ZJCH. Dr. Minghua Ge, awarding Dr. Li with a visiting professor certificate, stated that ZJCH would seize the chance of collaborating with Dr. Li to enhance the future development of head and neck surgery department. Dr. Guojun Li showed consent with Dr. Ge and also remarked that he, as a new visiting professor, would do his best to assist in talent training as well as scientific researches to make further progresses along with ZJCH.

The newly awarded visiting professor then delivered a lecture entitled How a Clinician to Do an Efficient and Productive Clinical Translational Cancer Research. Afterward a visit was paid to the head & neck inpatient ward, head & neck tumor laboratory and Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute.

                                            (By Ning Yang, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange)