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Sister Hospital Cooperation Turns out to be Fruitful

Sister Hospital Cooperation Turns out to be Fruitful


News came on June 29, 2017 that the project led by Dr. Weimin Mao, President of ZJCH has successfully been funded by MD Anderson Cancer Center Sister Institution Network Fund together with its counterpart led by Dr. Bingliang Fang, also a visiting professor at ZJCH. This project, entitled Novel STAT3/RNA Polymerase II Inhibitor and its Predictive Biomarker for Lung Cancer Therapy, received $100,000’s funding out of 61 applications through peer reviews.

Bearing making cancer history in mind, MD Anderson Cancer Center set up this SINF project to spark additional collaborative research between MDACC and its approximately 32 Sister Institutions (2016), with additional Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and Educational Agreements. A maximum of 20 projects would be funded by SINF every year.

News has it that SINF funded projects this year cover over 40 institutions in more than 22 countries, varying from translational researches, basic researches and teaching programs specialized in thoracic tumor, breast tumor, gynecological tumor, lymphoma and leukemia, etc.

                                              (By Ning Yang, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange)