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Academic Exchanges Carried out at ZJCH during HISO

Academic Exchanges Carried out at ZJCH during HISO


The 5th Hangzhou International Symposium of Oncology & ZJCH-MDACC Sister Hospital Joint Conference hit a huge success during Oct. 20-22, 2017 when prestigious speakers from USA, Germany and Netherlands were also invited to visit and perform academic exchanges at ZJCH.

10:00, Oct. 20

Dr. Ahmed Kaseb fromGI Medical Oncology Department and Dr. David Vining from Diagnostic Radiology Department, MD Anderson Cancer Center went into a meeting with Dr. Guoliang Shao, Vice President and Head of Radiology Department, Dr. Jie-er Ying, Director of GI Medical Oncology, Dr. Xinbao Wang, Director of Abdominal Surgery and Dr. Yuan Zhu, Director of Radiotherapy Department. The radiation structural system applied at MDACC was introduced by Dr. Vining. Both parties exchanged their views on radiation medicine, interventional therapy and MDT, etc.

14:00, Oct. 20

Dr. Ulrich Keilholz, professor of oncology and hematology and acting director at Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center met with Dr. Dechuan Li, Chief of Colorectal Surgery and Dr. Yong Liu with Dept. of Colorectal Surgery. Dr. Keilholz also paid a visit to the pathology department, bio-specimen bank and Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute.

14:30, Oct. 20

Prof. Dirk de Ruysscher from Maastricht University, Netherlands, Prof. Jing Li and Prof. Xin Wang from MD Anderson Cancer Center visited Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Radiation Physics Department and No. 2 Inpatient Building and took part in an academic salon afterward together with Dr. Ming Chen, Vice President of ZJCH and also Director Zhejiang Province and Diagnosis & Treatment Research Center on Lung Cancer, Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Xiao Zheng, Chief of Radiotherapy Department and Dr. Guoping Shan, Head of Radiation Physics Department. Gene researches on small cell lung cancer and researches progresses in both lung cancer and esophageal cancer have been discussed.

10:00, Oct. 22

As warmly invited, Dr. Nathan Fowler, Associate Professor in Lymphoma/Myelomas, MD Anderson Cancer Center paid a visit to Lymphoma Department, ZJCH where cases were discussed between him and Dr. Haiyan Yang, Chief of Lymphoma Department. While Dr. Nathan Fowler also introduced the current status of lymphoma treatment at MDACC.

                                              (By Ning Yang, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange)