Brief Introduction


A Brief Introduction of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital

Established in 1963, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital is located at Banshan National Forest Park, covering an area of 69,100 m2 with medical area exceeding 160,000 m2. Designed to offer 1,998 beds, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital is made up of 36 divisions,78 medical panels and 8 medico-technical departments. Its patients come from 29 provinces all over China with an annual outpatient visits being roughly 430,000, an annual inpatient admission being over 90,000 and annual surgeries being nearly 20,000. Zhejiang Cancer Hospital owns a faculty of 1,851 medical workers, including 103 with PhD degree and 415 with Master’s degree. 

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital (ZJCH) is a provincial cancer center integrating cancer treatment, prevention, education, research and information guidance. As one of the earliest established cancer specialized hospitals in China, ZJCH is among the most comprehensive cancer centers nationwide. Oncology has been developed as the national and provincial clinical key specialty. In addition,radio-therapeutics, head and neck oncology, oncological clinical pharmacy emerged as provincial medical innovation disciplines and pathology, is renowned as the supported medical discipline atprovincial level. Sound disciplines covering surgical oncology, gynecology, radiotherapy, medical oncology, critical disease, medical assistance, nursing assistance,translational medicine  as well as the widely built MDT teams all help establish Zhejiang Cancer Hospital’s advantages in cancer diagnosis and treatment. More than 20 faculties are awarded as provincial senior experts and provincial leading talents,or further more granted with special allowance by the State Council.Over41faculties have been appointed as the members of standing committee at national academic institutions.

A teaching and research office of oncology and a national site of standardized training of residents have been successfully set up at Zhejiang Cancer Hospital which itself is also the affiliated hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and Hangzhou Medical College,the teaching hospital of Zhejiang University, Suzhou University and Wenzhou Medical University.

Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute, long affiliated to Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, with the assistance of Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Thoracic Oncology, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Biological Specimen Bank, GCP, postdoctoral workstation and Zhejiang Cancer Precision Treatment International Sci-tech Cooperation Platform, carries out preclinical, translational and clinical medicine researches.

ZJCH is also closely bonded with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Yale University, Duke University, Hawaii University Cancer Center,Charite University in Germany, etc. Zhejiang Cancer Center, Office of Cancer Prevention and Control,Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Control Center, Clinical Pathology Quality Control Center, Journal of Chinese Oncology and China Cancer are all attached to Zhejiang Cancer Hospital who initially builds up the first provincial Cancer Fund in China.

Bearing the principle of patients first, and making full advantages of new technologies and programs, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, by the efforts of all its faculties, endeavors to make itself a top-five national specialized hospital and a civilized unit as well. In the long run, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital aims to turn Zhejiang Cancer Center into a crucial cancer prevention and control institution in China and a renowned one in the worldwide, to construct Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute into a domestic top-ranking translational research center and to set up Zhejiang Cancer Fund as a sample institution for social public benefits, with the ultimate goal of making as much contribution as possible to cancer prevention and control.

Last Updated: September 5,2017